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Thank you for choosing Advanced Audiology Care for your hearing healthcare. We strive to exceed our patients' expectations by providing exceptional care to improve their hearing and quality of life. Read our reviews.

Thank you for choosing Advanced Audiology Care for your hearing healthcare. It’s our priority to continue providing exceptional person-centered hearing healthcare to patients like you, and the best way for us to improve is through patient feedback.

It should only take you a couple of minutes and would make an immense difference to our practice.

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Google Reviews

Google Reviews

  • Excellent service from Peter Fan - very professional, competent and experienced. He too the time to listen and understand my hearing issues. My hearing aid have been a remarkable improvement to my hearing and have been trouble free and beyond my expectations. Wish I've done this earlier and I highly recommend advanced audiology care. Thanks Peter for improving my hearing and making my life a much happier and better one !!

    Annmarie Bakhsh
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Fan is an extremely qualified Audiologist. He has an interested and helpful manner and works with you until he exceeds your expectations. This is the third set of hearing aids that I have purchased and no one from the previous two companies worked with me like Dr. Fan. I would recommend Dr. Fan highly to anyone that needs hearing aids. He is also very ethical and honest. Those are qualities that seem to be lacking in the hearing aid industry.

    Sammy Sam
    Professional Actor
  • Extremely professional and thorough. Convenient, in-home appointment for my Aunt to meet her needs. Couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend Dr. Fan!

    maureen mcguire
    Professional Actor
  • Peter Fan is great audiologist. He will work with you one on one and make you feel comfortable. Also, he will explain step by step details in maintaining your hearing aid in best possible way.
    He is very patient which is key in this process.

    Highly recommend!

    Bhavna Patel
    Professional Actor
  • I have had many a hearing aid over the years . No one took the time and effort as Dr Fan to make sure no only that I got the hearing aids I needed but also the explanation that went with them and the comfort I needed
    Alan Namenwirth
    Professional Actor
  • Excellent service by an outstanding professional. I highly recommend Peter
    Mike Todd
    Professional Actor
  • Purchased my hearing aids from Dr. Fan in June. Absolutely seem less experience. I never wore aids before, and Dr. Fan walked me thru every experience. He’s like having a Friend who is an Audiologist. Great experience!
    mike conte
    Professional Actor
  • He set my 93 year old mom with hearing aids. He was very patient and explained everything to her. He was also very knowledgeable about the numerous insurance questions we had and took care of it all. He made it an extremely pleasant experience for her.
    Diane Abruzzo
    Professional Actor
  • Dr Fan is so pleasant, patient and understanding. He took so much time explaining how to use the hearing aids to my mom.
    Maria Grotkopf
    Professional Actor
  • Excellent provider in every aspect. Highly recommended.
    Ashraf Basta
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Fan is the most personable, informative and thorough audiologist/ hearing specialist that I've ever experienced. He's the 3rd audiologist that I've seen in the past year and a half and the other two don't compare to the service that I received from Dr. Fan.
    Curtis Harmon
    Professional Actor
  • Peter Fan was very experienced and helpful throughout my meetings with him.
    Patricia Cuthbertson
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Peter Fan is very professional and trustworthy. He took care of my elderly mother with much patience and grace. I highly recommend his service.
    NYC Loner
    Professional Actor
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Peter about a year ago. He was exceptionally professional, experienced, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend trusting your care to Peter and his team. He is a well educated family man whose degree and experience will lead you to hearing well
    Gregory Romano
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Fan was great with my mother. By the time she saw him her hearing was very bad. He set her up with hearing aids And now she hear us without us talking very loud to her. Dr Fan is very easy to talk to. And he listens to your concerns a corrects it. He is personable with his patients. Which make them feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Fan at Advanced Audiology Care

    Amy Grassifulli
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Fan is an outstanding audiologist their knowledge is impeccable, their quality of care unmatched, and they have a friendly professionalism that's present in every visit. They helped me get set up with my first hearing aid, taught me the ropes, and have been available to answer all of my questions along the way.

    I cannot recommend Peter highly enough)

    Brad Jaeger
    Professional Actor
  • Peter Tan listened to my concerns and conducted a very comprehensive test for my issue. He provided great feedback and quality care. I highly recommend his office for your hearing needs. He truly cares about his clients and explains everything thoroughly
    Sheila Mason
    Professional Actor
  • Exceptional service and very accessible to his patients that is Dr. Fan. Yes we would highly recommend Dr. Fan as he compassion to my mother's every need from the time he tested her hearing until the time he needed to readjust them for a better fit
    Professional Actor
  • Peter Fan,Au.,CCC-A Audiologist/Owner Is the following: Attentive Analytical Calm Decisive Ethical Friendly Knowledgeable Observant Reassuring Skillful Trustworthy and Wise… Thank You D.L.Y

    Diane L. Yanchitis
    Professional Actor
  • I was able to get a very convenient appointment. A very profesional and caring audiologist I am extremely satisfied with his service and Highly recommended.

    Lilliana Herrera
    Professional Actor

Healthy Hearing Reviews

  • My experience with Dr. Peter Fan of Advance Audiology Care has been very positive I’ve found Dr. Fan to be professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He’s the type of doctor that will go the extra mile to ensure that his patient understand each step of processes. I was very happy with Dr. Fan’s professionalism, and would recommend him to anyone in need of an audiologist.
    Jesus M. of Rahway, NJ
    Professional Actor
  • Dr Fan made me feel at ease during my first appointment. He took the time to explain my hearing loss in detail as well as explaining my options regarding hearing aids. He was knowledgeable, professional, did not rush the appointments. I picked up my hearing aids today & Dr Fan made sure I knew how to take care of them & how to handle them before I left the office. It has been a pleasure working with Dr Fan & I look forward to working with him going forward. I will recommend Dr Fan to my family & friends without hesitation. My experience has been an excellent one. Thank you Dr Fan for everything.

    Ethel. (EJ) T. of Middletown, NJ
    Professional Actor
  • My mom is 82 years old and needs hearing aid and Dr. Fan helped us a lot from the first visit until my mom feels comfortable with them. Dr. Fan was very accommodating and patient, he answered all the questions we have. I'm so glad that he explained to us everything we have to know about the hearing aid. Now my mom can join our family's conversations and she don't feel left out anymore. Thanks Dr. Fan!

    Maria C. of Linden, NJ
    Professional Actor
  • My wife had a sudden hearing lost of one ear which was a very sad situationso so we decided to visit Advanced Audiology Care. Dr. Fan was able to provide a diagnosis to her problem and prescribed the appropriate hearing aid. Dr. Fan is very professional and patien explaining the diagnosis. The process of the treatment which went very smooth. My wife is very satisfied with her hearing aids and the service provided by Advance Audiology Care.
    Cesar C. of Rahway, NJ
    Professional Actor
  • Excellent
    DAVID S. of Elizabeth, NJ
    Professional Actor

Yelp Reviews

  • For many years I've put off getting a hearing test, but I was referred to Dr. Peter Fan by a friend who told me Dr Fan is the top in his field. I had my appointment today with Dr. Fan and it was the best doctor visit I've ever had!! Dr Fan explained to me very clearly the whole process of the hearing test and ear exam. Dr. Peter Fan was very patient, understanding, dedicated, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the anatomy and functionality of the ear. Dr. Fan took his time ensuring that I understood the instructions for the exam and explained step by step the whole process. The test was very thorough and afterwards Dr. Fan explained very thoroughly the results of my hearing exam. Dr. Fan took his time with me and gave me ample time to ask questions so that i could understand my test results. Dr. Fan explored several options with me and wanted to ensure me that He would work with me so that I could have excellent hearing and enjoy my family, friends and work and not miss out on the things we all value most! Dr. Fan's office was very clean and sanitized, he gave me a clean mask and had hand sanitizers on the counter. The bathroom and office are pristine and I felt very comfortable and safe. Thank you so much Dr. Fan for helping me to relax and taking such EXCELLENT care of me!!! I will be recommending you to my family and friends Definitely!!! sincerely Edel Quinn
    Edel Q. Rahway, NJ
    Professional Actor
  • Dr. Fan was excellent! He conducted a thorough examination and took time to explain my test results. He answered my questions and discussed my wife's concerns. We highly recommend Dr. Fan. He was able to perform the exam in my home which was a huge convenience.

    David A. Colts Neck, NJ
    Professional Actor

Patient Testimonials

  • Hi my name is Stan and I am the most skeptical patient one can find. I have been experiencing a hearing loss over the past couple of years. I have tried the typical cheap hearing devices on the market and found them to be worthless. I was having difficulty hearing in a car, in groups and eating at a table with people just across from me. Finally I decided to go to a specialist. That is when I found Dr. Fan. After speaking with him I decided what could I lose and ordered a hearing aid that was special for my needs. I have them for a short time and the difference that I am experiencing is amazing..Today while going out for a walk I didn't put them in and that is when I really noticed how much I was missing having trouble hearing the person I was with..
    One of my concerns was appearance. I can tell you they are almost not noticeable. I am so happy with them!
    Dr. Fan is amazing. He is there for me and just a phone call away. He was able to answer any question I gave him and I give him a 100% five star review.and highly recommend him.
    Thank you Dr. Fan these have really changed my life.
    Professional Actor

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