Service Plans

These plans are for all patients but are most beneficial for patients without accepted insurance or have insurance without any hearing aid benefits.

House Call Service Plans

Plan #1: $250 for 3 visits (you save $16.67/visit)

  • All visits must be used within 18 months from the date of purchase

Plan #2: $500 for 7 visits (you save $28.57/visit)

  • All visits must be used within 3 years from the date of purchase

In-office Service Plans:

One Year Plan: $200 per hearing aid for unlimited in-office visits

Two Year Plan: $250 per hearing aid for unlimited in-office visits

All plans include:

  • While under your service plan, there will be no appointment fee for your in-office or
    house call visits (All appointments can include the following services)
    • Annual comprehensive hearing evaluation
      • $50 for each additional comprehensive hearing evaluation within one
        calendar year from the date of last hearing evaluation
    • Aural rehabilitation
    • Tinnitus management
    • Hearing aid fine-tuning and adjustment
    • Hearing aid check, cleaning, repair* and loss & damage replacement*
      (for house calls- complimentary delivery and adjustment of repaired/replaced hearing aid(s))
  • If applicable, 2 years of free batteries (60 batteries/hearing aid annually)
  • $100 off on out-of-warranty hearing aid repair/re-case/re-plate
  •  25% off on hearing aid earmolds
  • Discounts on hearing aid supplies
    • 50% off on batteries/wax guards/domes
    • $25 off on each RIC receiver

* Additional charges may apply for certain hearing aid services

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