AAC Leasing Program: The Leasing Program That Fits Your Budget

Advanced Audiology Care is proud to offer a Hearing Aid Leasing Program! This program allows you to enjoy all the features of quality hearing aids at an affordable monthly rate. Instead of buying hearing aids, you can lease them through our program. 

With the Advanced Audiology Care Hearing Aid Leasing program, you will never have to worry about having out-of-date hearing aids again! Our hearing aid leasing program is comprehensive with a 4 year repair warranty and a 4 year one-time loss and damage hearing aid replacement warranty.  Our program also includes complimentary annual hearing screenings, adjustments, clean & checks for your hearing aid(s) throughout your lease.

Our leasing program payments are based on the level of technology you choose for your hearing aids, allowing you to choose a level of technology that fits your budget.

  • $105/month - Entry Level
  • $115/ month - Essential Level
  • $130/month - Advanced Level
  • $150/month - Premium Level 

Getting the proper hearing aids can transform your life. Our leasing program makes getting the hearing support you need to live a full life affordable.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Before you decide if you should buy or lease your hearing aids, it is helpful to understand the general cost of hearing aids. 

The cost of hearing aids is greatly impacted by the style and the features that the device supports. Depending on several factors, a hearing aid can range from $1,500 to $3,000+. Units with more advanced features tend to cost more. 

The best hearing aids for you have features that match your lifestyle, address your specific type of hearing loss, and fit within your budget. That is why we offer four different levels of technology leasing payment options, so you can choose the best hearing aids for your overall lifestyle. 

Purchasing hearing aids can be a considerable upfront expense. However, leasing hearing aids makes it more affordable to access the necessary equipment you need to hear. 

How long do hearing aids last?

How long your hearing aids last really depends upon the quality of the hearing aids and how well you clean and maintain them. Most last between three to five years but can have a prolonged life with the proper care. 

One thing to remember is that hearing aid technology is constantly evolving. So the best hearing aids for you now may be completely different from what is best five years down the road. 

How does the hearing aid leasing program work?

  • Take an up-to-date hearing test.
  • Discuss your hearing needs with our audiologist.
  • Determine which hearing device is best for your hearing needs, budget, and lifestyle.
  • Opt into our leasing program and receive your new hearing aid equipment.
  • Receive free yearly hearing tests, adjustments, clean & checks, and continuous support for your hearing devices from Advanced Audiology Care throughout your lease.

At the end of the 48 monthly payments, you can make one final payment equivalent to the residual value of the device to own the hearing aid outright. Or you can trade up to a higher level of technology at the same corresponding payment level, or upgrade to a higher technology and payment level. 

The leasing plan applies to Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, and Widex models. 

Is it better to lease or purchase a hearing device?

If you need hearing aids, you need to determine if you want to lease them or purchase them upfront. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of leasing versus purchasing hearing aids.


With a leasing program, you pay a monthly fee to access hearing aids. This makes the entry cost of getting hearing aids for the first time or upgrading your hearing aids lower. At the end of the 48 months, you can make one final payment to own the hearing aid outright, or you can start a new lease agreement and upgrade to a new device. 

When you purchase hearing aids, you need access to more cash up-front. However, once you pay for the hearing aids, they are yours to keep forever. When you want a new hearing aid though, that means you have to once again pay full price for a new device. 


Hearing aid technology is constantly changing and evolving. New technology is introduced regularly with improvements to the quality and function of hearing aids. Over time, many new technological advances become more affordable.

With a leasing program, at the end of the lease term, you can start a new lease and upgrade to new hearing aids, allowing you easy access to the latest technology advances.

If you purchase hearing aids, you will need to pay the entire cost up-front to access new hearing aid technology. You may be tempted to hold onto outdated technology because the device hasn’t worn out, or you cannot afford the cost of a new device.

What are the benefits of a hearing aid leasing program?

There are some important benefits you will enjoy when you join our hearing aid leasing program: 

  • Low monthly payments
  • The device is covered by a 4 year warranty that includes repair services, and a one-time loss and damage hearing aid replacement.
  • Office service and visits are fully covered
  • No additional fees or costs outside of the bundled leasing price
  • Opportunity to upgrade to a new device at the end of the leasing period or purchase the device outright with one final payment

Our hearing aid leasing program provides you with quality hearing aids and all the support you need to use and care for them throughout your lease term. It is a great way to enjoy the sounds of life! 

Is a hearing aid leasing program right for you?

Being able to hear properly is crucial to your health and emotional well-being. Hearing aids can be a substantial financial investment. Here are a few questions to consider: 

  • Does a low monthly payment for hearing aids fit into your budget better than paying upfront for hearing aids?
  • Do you want to stay up-to-date with current hearing technology? 
  • Do you replace your hearing aids every 3-5 years?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a hearing aid leasing program might be the right solution for you! 

The AAC Leasing Program is designed to fit your budget while giving you access to quality hearing aids. 

Join the AAC Leasing Program: The Leasing Program That Fits Your Budget

At Advanced Audiology Care, we offer a hearing aid leasing program that makes it easy for you to afford hearing aids. 

  • $105/month - Entry Level
  • $115/ month - Essential Level
  • $130/month - Advanced Level
  • $150/month - Premium Level 

Schedule an appointment with Advanced Audiology Care, and we will work with you to complete a hearing test and find the best hearing aids for your needs so you can get on the road to better hearing! 


Leases are subject to credit approval of qualified applicants through Allegro Credit, and are not available when prohibited by law. All Leases have a 48-month term. For qualifying applicants only. No application fees. No security deposit is required. The price does not include accessories.  Leasees are responsible for a deductible amount of $400 for each replaced hearing aid covered under the loss and damage warranty.

Monthly prices are subject to change for new customers. First monthly payment is due at the lease agreement signing.  Hearing aids must be purchased or returned at the end of the term. Cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, or insurance plans. Contact our office for further details.

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