Custom Hearing Protection

At Advanced Audiology Care, we provide custom hearing protection for musicians, motorsport enthusiasts, occupational work exposure, and hunters. Custom hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is regularly in a very noisy environment. In fact, anyone subject to noise exposure, including target shooters, motorcyclists, airline pilots, musicians, construction workers, and factory workers, may need to wear hearing protection to protect their long-term hearing.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011- 2012, approximately 70 percent of people exposed to loud noise never or seldom wear hearing protection. The best thing you can do to prevent hearing loss whenever exposed to loud noise is to use adequate hearing protection. Sudden or prolonged exposure to noise, such as lawnmowers, truck engines, motorcycles, garbage trucks, chain saws, pneumatic drills, rock concerts, gunshots, and jet engines, can cause damage to your hearing.

Hearing loss from prolonged noise exposure is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, and it is often detected too late, meaning the hearing loss is usually irreversible.

Occupational Hearing Loss

Occupational hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses in the United States. Each year, about 22 million US workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work

Noise Exposure Limit

OSHA Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to implement a hearing conservation program when noise exposure is at or above 85 decibels averaged over 8 working hours, or an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA). Hearing conservation programs strive to prevent initial occupational hearing loss, preserve and protect remaining hearing, and equip workers with the knowledge and hearing protection devices necessary to safeguard themselves. 

When You Should See An Audiologist

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms after exposure to loud sounds lasting longer than a day, call (848) 231-6637 to request an appointment with Dr. Fan:

  • Voices suddenly sound muffled and your ears feel stuffy.
  • You experience ringing or buzzing in one or both ears (also known as tinnitus).
  • Your ears hurt after being in a loud place.
  • Your hearing is suddenly sensitive to noise.

Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented with the use of hearing protection and by limiting your exposure to loud sound levels.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection, such as earmolds and earplugs, help to reduce sound intensity, though, they do not block out sound completely.

Customized earmolds and earplugs offer maximum protection and a comfortable fit designed specifically for your ears. They also offer more peace of mind, as you will know that your ears have the best possible protection against hearing loss.

Custom Earmolds. Earmolds come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Some earmolds are solid, and some are soft or spongy. The most popular styles are full-shell and half-shell. Full-shell earmolds are generally for high-level noise exposure, while half-shell earmolds are for mid-level noise exposure. Dr. Fan will recommend the best type of earmold to meet your needs.

Some earmolds come with a filtered attenuator, allowing for verbal communication while still protecting hearing, which is popular with musicians. These types of earmolds come in both electronic and non-electronic models. Earmolds are also popularly used to fit over certain earbud headphones, under pilot boom-mic headsets, and other specialty uses.

If you cannot get a comfortable or secure fit with traditional earplugs, custom earmolds may be for you. As the name implies, custom earmolds are specially made to fit the unique contour of your ear. They offer some of the best hearing protection available.

Custom Earmold Impressions. At Advanced Audiology Care, we make custom earmold impressions for a wide variety of uses:

  • In-the-ear musician monitoring (electronic) earmolds.
  • Sleep Earmolds
  • Summer swim plugs (impressions and plugs)
  • Hunter Hearing Protection earmolds
  • Noise, music & loud concert reduction earmolds (you can still carry on a conversation if desired)
  • Industrial noise protection earmolds
  • Cellphone headset earmolds
  • Hands-free device earmolds
  • Sporting devices earmolds

Custom Earplugs. Earplugs are a form of hearing protection usually reserved for the canal only. Some earplugs are solid, while others allow more sound to pass through. Specialized earplugs are available for musicians and medical professionals who still want the ability to hear most of their surroundings while protecting their hearing.

Specialty earplugs can be custom-fit for your ear canal and are typically more comfortable than non-custom earplugs. Custom earplugs can be equipped with handles or detachable cords.

Earmolds and earplugs are not just for those who wish to protect their ears from high noise levels. Custom solutions are also available for other hobbies and activities, such as custom earplugs for swimmers, hunters, or to be worn while sleeping.

These earplugs are created by taking an impression of your ear to have them fit the individual shape of your ear canal. Custom molds are comfortable and reduce the sound equally across high and low spectrums, making this earplug ideal for musicians and concertgoers.

Custom Hearing Protection at Advanced Audiology Care

Whatever your unique lifestyle, Dr. Fan can provide custom hearing protection to fit your needs. Your hearing is important. Take care to protect it for today and for the future. If you work in an environment with a high noise level, it’s important to have regular hearing appointments to check for early indications of hearing loss. Speak with Dr. Fan today to find the right solution for you.

Contact Advanced Audiology Care at (848) 231-6637 to request an appointment. Dr. Fan will help you explore all the different custom earmold and earplug options available. We offer a wide variety of custom hearing protection at very affordable prices. For your convenience, you may also request an appointment online.

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