Commercial Cleaning

Priority cleaning offers customizable Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services that will fit your needs. Our commercial cleaning services are suitable for business properties in a wide variety of industries.?We can respond to your cleaning needs on a regularly scheduled program or on an as-needed basis. We understand the importance of cleanliness in the work environment, both for the employees and the clients, so it is our priority to ensure your needs are fulfilled.

Priority cleaning offers customizable Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services

Priority Cleaning develops a customizable Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services plan with each customer.? The customer?s plan selects from our menu of task offerings that will fulfill their cleaning and janitorial needs. Upon completion of a task, a quality check is performed to ensure it was completed to our high standard.? We strive to meet your critical to quality tasks utilizing the cost effective service plan that meets your needs.

Janitorial Services

  • All Entrances/Exits, Offices, Conference Rooms, Common Areas, Stairwells and Break Rooms are Dusted ,Vacuumed, Swept, or Mopped
  • Break Room Sinks, Counters / Tables Tops, Appliance Surfaces and Light Switches Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Bathroom Toilets, Sinks, Urinals and Floors are Cleaned , Sanitized and Mopped. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and Hand Soap are Resupplied.
  • Remove All Trash From Waste Baskets and Replace Liner. Waste Baskets are Washed as Needed

Post Construction Clean Up

  • Clean and Remove any Debris, Paint, Dust, Dirt, Adhesive, and Other Substances Left Over After a Construction Project, House Build or Renovation.
  • Cleaning Windows In and Out
  • Dusting ,Vacuuming and Cleaning all Surfaces, Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Remove Stickers fromNew Windows and Appliances

Floor Buffing and Refinishing

Buffing Existing Waxed Vct Floors
Vct Refinifishing

  • Sweep or Vacuum the Floor
  • Apply Stripper to the Floor and Use a Floor Machine with a Stripping Pad to Remove Old Wax Finish
  • Wet Vacuum the Stripped Wax and Rinse with a Neutral Cleaner in a Mop Bucket
  • Let the Floor Dry Completely using Air Movers
  • Apply 3 coats of Floor Finish/Wax

Exterior Window Cleaning

We Scrub Exterior Windows With Glass Cleaner and Dry Them Using a Squeegee, Leaving it Streak Free

Carpet Cleaning

We Provide Stain Removal and Carpet Cleaning with Commercial Grade Carpet Extractors and Vacuums

  • Remove/Move Furniture
  • Vacuum Carpet
  • Spray Pre Spot Cleaners on the Carpet
  • Shampoo the Carpet using Commercial Grade Machines which Remove Contaminants and Cleaning Solutions
  • Commercial Air Movers and Fans to Dry the Carpet
  • Vacuum the Carpet to Finish the Cleaning